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Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club
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Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club


Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club's mission is to serve and make a great impact on our community through fostering youth engagement, contribution and growth while promoting family values.   As a Chinese-Canadian based Lions Club, we pride ourselves in building a strong “service-oriented” community, while celebrating and honoring our many different heritages.


Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club represents our mission to pass all our valuable heritages onto our next generation; while the Chinese name of our club exhibits further meaning of encouraging our next generation to learn and grow and making their contributions locally and globally. 

Vision and Objectives:

To actively participate in the community services which support those in need and strengthen our community with strong family values;

To empower the participation of our younger generation in the Canadian society through engaging in volunteer work or/and community services; 

To facilitate leadership skills training through organizing and hosting sports, cultural and educational activities;

To promote a better communication and interaction between the Chinese community and the Mainstream and to celebrate our excellence in diversity, through actively participating in or/and collaborating with other Lions clubs in activities, and conducting a cultural exchange or/and educational projects to promote a better understanding of the Chinese heritage and values to the mainstream.




1.) 推動青少年及家庭生活教育

2.) 培育環球新領袖

3.) 促進中西文化交流

4.) 發揚國際獅子會之博愛服務精神