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Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club
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Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club

Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club is the FIRST Chinese-Canadian mixed gender Lions Club in District A-16. Our club’s mission is to serve our community, to provide a forum for the youth to engage, contribute and grow , and to promote family value. OYRHLC is committed to provide support to the youth generation in pursuing their full potential. As a Chinese-Canadian base Lions Club, we also celebrate and honour the many different heritages.

Vision and Objectives:

To actively participate in the community as a service group; 

To educate and encourage the younger generation to positively participate in the Canadian society through engaging them in volunteering and participating in community activities; 

To nurture their sense of responsibility to serve society and honour family values;

To provide opportunities for leadership training through sports, cultural and educational activities;

To help bridge the gap between the Chinese Canadians and the Mainstream : by actively participating in the mainstream activities in liaison with the International Lions Club; by introducing and sharing the Chinese heritage and values with the mainstream through cultural and educational projects; to honour multi-culturalism in Canada;

To uphold a spirit of sharing and serving as in the Motto : “ We Serve “ as laid out by the International Lions Club

The English name of our club “ Heritage “ has explicitly represented our mission, which is to pass onto our next generation all our valuable heritages. The Chinese name has the meaning of the rising sun shining at dawn bringing light to the world just like the younger generation who has so much to learn and to give to our society and our world.




1.) 推動青少年及家庭生活教育

2.) 培育環球新領袖

3.) 促進中西文化交流

4.) 發揚國際獅子會之博愛服務精神