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Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club


Club Documents
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LCI References

    Lions Club International Fact Sheet (PR799)
    Lions Club International History (PR800)

    Standard Club Structure (DA-MCS)
    Lions Club Constitution and By-laws (LA-2)

    Service and Project Management   
        - Make it Happen! Guide to Club Project Development (DA-MIH)
        - Community Needs Assessment (MK9)
        - Fundraising Guide (GUIDES)
        - Service Projects and Fundraising Ideas (IDEAS)

    Club Management
        - Customizing Club Meeting (DA-YCYW)
        - Club Quality Initiative Workbook (DA-CQI)
        - Blue Print for a Stronger Club (DA-STPBG)
        - Best Practice for Financial Transparency (DA-BPFT)
        - Your Club, Your Way! (DA-YCYW)

    Club Officer Reference
        - Club Officer Courses Recommendations (Courses)
        - Club President/ Vice-President e-Book (DA-CPFVPEB)
        - Club Secretary e-Book (DA-CSEB)
        - Club Treasurer e-Book (DA-CTEB)
        - Club Membership Chairperson e-Book (DA-CMEB)
        - Club Service Chairperson e-Book (DA-CSCEB)

        - New Member Welcome Guide (NM9)
        - New Members Orientation Guide (ME13A)
        - New Members Orientation PowerPoint (ME13B)
        - New Member Recruiting Guide (ME300)

    Marketing Communication
        - Club Marketing Communication Guide (PR710)

        - Basic Mentoring Guide (MTR11)
        - Advanced Mentoring Guide (MTR12)

    Service - Vision
        - Lions Recycle For Sight (IAD403)
        - See Well for a Lifetime Parts of the Eye (IAD426)
        - Everyone’s Vision Can Change with Age (IAD424)
        - Taking Care of Your Vision After 50 (IAD435)
        - Age-Related Eye Diseases At-A-Glance (IAD425)
        - Healthy Vision Starts With a Dilated Eye Exam (IAD448)
        - Tips for Talking to Your Eye Care Professional (IAD443)

    Service - Environmental
        - Green Team Caring for the Environment Guide (IAD219)
        - Green Team Tips (IAD227)

    Service - Diabetes
        - Its Not Too Late to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes (IAD312)
        - Taking Care of Your Diabetes Means Taking Care of Your Heart (IAD325)