The 3D PEP workshop

Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club


The 3D PEP workshop


If you want to:

  • excel in the current competitive and dynamic workplace environment,
  • be satisfied and happy with what you do,
  • speak in public with confidence,
  • be able to grow in your career,
  • bring out your PROFESSIONAL BEST,

The 3D PEP Workshop is for YOU! -------- click to see our 3D PEP poster for more info.


Date: March 15, 2008 (Saturday)

Venue: Canada Room, Markham Civic Centre

Registration: 1.30pm

Workshop: 2 pm to 4.30pm

Speakers:     Keith Yeung

        Tim Cheung

Registration fee:  Free for OYRHLC members; $10 early bird on or before March 12, 2008; $15 regular.

(all fees payable to : Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club)


To register: email to Tim Cheung (


What is the current workplace environment and how has it been changed?


The current workplace has changed drastically.  You can't expect to work for a company for a long time until retirement like many of your parents did.  You need to manage your own career rather than relying on your manager or your company to take care of you.  It is more like a “GM vs Hollywood” model: GM has well defined job descriptions while Hollywood is project oriented.  You have to do what is required and necessary in the ‘Hollywood’ model.  There is more team setting.  There are constant changes as a result of business re-engineering, e.g.  outsourcing, off-shoring, etc.


What skills are required to excel in such environment?


In order to excel in such environment, you need to have a diverse skill set in managing yourself with a positive perspective, be effective in communicating and dealing with people on a

one-to-one manner, and extending it to a one-to-many environment.


The 3D PEP Workshop


The 3-dimension of enhancing personal effectiveness program workshop (3D PEP) is designed to help you to address these challenges.


The workshop will discuss ways to enhance your personal effectiveness.


You will have the opportunity to review how your perspective and ways of doing things can be enhanced to achieve higher level of impact and involvement both in work and life, and hence increases your success.


The workshop will also provide you practical experience on various skills in communicating with people effectively.




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