Ontario York Region Heritage Lions Club



February Members Meeting

Date: February 28th, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00 pm
Online Meeting




February 19th 2021
Winter Food Drive

OYRHLC has collected 250 lb of food in the winder food drive.  The food are donated to The Food Bank of York Region on Feb 19th, 2021.  Thanks to all the Lions and families supported this seasons food drive.  We are glad to continue our service to the community safely and warmly.

October 3rd 2020
Fall Park Clean Up and Eyeglass collection

OYRHLC has the Fall park clean up at Toogood Pond Park on October 3rd, 2020.  Seven lions and their families participated in the clean up.  We also took the chance to help on sorting used eyeglasses for the eyeglasses recycling program after the park clean up.  Together, we will continue to serve!

August 15th 2020
On-line Seminar - Paradigm Shift to e-Learning

OYRHLC held the online seminar 'Paradigm Shift in e-Learning' on August 15, 2020.  We are pleased to have Mr. Ming Lee to be the speaker, discussed about the changes e-learning brought to education.  It is a great afternoon that members and parents able to learn about and share issues that students may have during these changes in the pandemic.  

August 1st 2020
Summer Park Clean Up

OYRHLC has restarted the Park Clean up at Toogood Pond Park on Aug 1st, 2020.  Seven lions and their families are able to participate.  It is quite a bit of work, but we are thankful to have the opportunity continue to serve and to keep the park clean!

May 17th 2020
Online Seminar -
Common Legal Issues in Labour, Tenancy and Contract arising from COVID-19

OYRHLC held an online seminar on May 17th 2020.  We are pleased to have our club member, Lion Cynthia, a licened paralegal to discuss about common legal issues in labour, tenancy and contract arising from COVID-19.  It is a great afternoon for both the community and our members to learn about some of the latest developments in the current situation that are also affecting our daily life.

May 2nd 2020
Online Seminar -
Mental Health Awareness during Social Distancing (English)

OYRHLC held the second online seminar on May 2nd 2020.  We are pleased to have Ms. Maria Lo from Hong Fook Mental Health Association be the speaker of a english seminar on discussing mental health awareness and some practical means in day to day life on reducing anxiety.  It is thankful that we can continue working together with our community partner to keep serving the community in this period.

April 11th 2020
Online Seminar -
Mental Health Awareness during Social Distancing (Cantonese)

OYRHLC held the first online seminar on April 11th 2020.  Due to the situation of COVID-19 virus outbreak and the subsequence social distancing measures, OYRHLC see the rise of mental health concerns in the community.  OHRHLC worked again with Hong Fook Mental Health Association.  We are pleased to have Ms. Tweety Yuen as speaker of the seminar on discussing mental stress in this period and tips on anxiety handling.  There were over 50 participants joined the session.  It is a valuable experience for all of us on getting the up-to-date information in an interactive setting, and also serving the community while staying home. 

March 1st 2020
Effective Speaking Contest 2020

OYRHLC held the Effective Speaking Contest 2020 today at Markham Civic Center's Council Chamber. With 29 contestants competing in today's contest, it was a great day to see students in our community showing their exceptional skills on public speaking. We are also glad that we have past contest winner Vedant coming back to help as MC of the contest today. Thanks to all the contestants, parents, educators, judges, sponsors, volunteers and lions who made it happen!